Anwomaso / Domeabra, Ghana
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This is what the farm started with in 1997. By then, there was one little buck and four does. Approximately 1,500 have been sold to KNUST as well as other farmers and 150 rabbits are currently in stock.


The grasscutter farm started with four wild females and one male that were captured in the bush. Hence, they were tamed and bred in captivity. Currently there are 45 in stock with a bit over 300 sold.


In 1995, the farm started with 5 guinea pigs. Over the years, a bit over 1,500 have been sold leaving 30 on the farm that are kept as parent stock.


As porcupines, antelopes are a good case to show how traditionally wild animals can be tamed. Now they get along well with their traditional foes and dogs quite well. The farm had initially 4 fully grown antelopes with 2 young ones. The 4 mature antelopes have been sold out.


Locally known as Apese, we captured 3 porcupines from the forest and tamed them under a semi-intensive system. They are now human friendly. They increased to about 30 in the year 2000 but most were sold out leaving 6. Porcupine meat is a delicacy for certain folks.


The farm started with 6 young rats comprising 3 males and 3 females in 2003. Since then, they have reproduced regularly and over 1,200 have been sold out and 16 are currently kept as breeding stock.


Three tortoises were captured from the bush in 1995 and kept under the semi-intensive confinement system. They have multiplied with some sold leaving 15 on the farm.


Five snails were captured from the forest in 1997 and bred successfully. Many have been sold out and currently there are approximately 3,000 kept on the farm. Some of the snails are being reared in the farmer’s innovation of using lorry tires arranged atop a few and covered with mosquito netting. The lorry tires can withstand all weather and field conditions. Others are bred under the conventional rearing system. A microclimate has been created with a thick reserved forest where the snails are domicile.